INTERNATIONAL FORUM of NOVEL ART - Conference (round-table)
of Art Managers, MICs Representatives and Festival Directors
April 21-25, 2004


Idea, artistic conception and implementation of the project by:

International public organization Association New Music (the Ukrainian section of the ISCM), President Karmella Tsepkolenko


Author and manager of the project: Karmella Tsepkolenko


Financially supported by:

European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

International Renaissance Foundation (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Swiss Cultural Program Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine)


Among participants were art critics, composers, musicians, journalists, musicologists, cultural managers, painters, producers, representatives of Musical Information Centers (the Sofia Gubaidulina's Center of Contemporary Music, Tatarstan; Dresden Center for Contemporary Music, Germany, Novgorod New Music Information Center, Mongolian Music Information Center etc.), directors of different international festivals (Roaring Hooves, East-West, Dresden Days of Contemporary Music, Compositori a confronto, Sound Ways, Novecento musica, Two Days and Two Nights of New Music) and other contemporary art organizations from across Europe and its bordering regions.


The main task of this meeting was promotion of general approaches and criteria for function, development and cooperation of organizations and creative persons in the sphere of novel art. Participants of the conference were acquainted with the achievements and typical features of contemporary festival movement, activities of the musical information centers and specificity of art management in different countries.

The following topics were covered during discussions:

- key positions of culture policy in the sphere of art management

- role of the contemporary art festivals in the formation of aesthetical position

- coordination of activities of the Musical Information Centers for the efficient information exchange

Particular attention was paid to:

- art management in the field of new academic art

- screenplay development for large-scale artistic action

- updated methods for training in the sphere of novel art

- formation of new audience and adequate perception of novel art

- globalization process and typical features in contemporary art development depending on the national cultures

- common features and differences in processes of development of contemporary art in different regions of world


Besides conference, participants visited performances, audio-, video- actions of the 10th International Festival of Modern Art Two Days and Two Nights of New Music, where they had nice opportunity to see application of practical management in the sphere of new art.

Audience was represented by professional artists, actors, musicians, musicologists, art critiques, journalists, students and lecturers of higher educational institutions as well as people who are interested in contemporary art. It is noteworthy, that besides, citizens of Odessa, many people came from another regions of Ukraine to this event specially.

Active participants of the conference consider this International Forum as a positive example of the cultural dialogue between people with common history, representatives of European countries. It was mentioned that one of the best moment of the Agenda is that few cultural actions were organized simultaneously.

The positive moment of this meeting is that Forum brought together people from different countries, representatives of various creative professions, who had useful exchange of both experience and opinions in the sphere of their activities. Participants have got updated knowledge about cultural events and actions, which have place in Armenia, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Moldova, Mongolia, Poland, Russia, Tatarstan and Ukraine. The identities and differences in nowadays culture life of post-socialist (transition) countries were represented at the same time with other countries.

Positive is that ANM experienced in organizing and holding of cultural events and therefore most of participants for given Conference were selected during previous actions organized by the Association. However, professional and civil interests as well as practical activity in the sphere of novel art were the main criteria for the participant's selection.

A lot of people were involved in activities by given Forum owing to that organizers issued the press release and distributed it beforehand during the press conference and presentation of the project.

Participants expressed opinion that there is need to develop general strategic plan on the organizing of cultural events in certain regions, because there is still no coordination between different art management institutions.

Most of people expressed a wish that, it will be good to continue real meeting in virtual form, for example as an Internet-conference.

Participants decided to coordinate their efforts in the field of cultural policy in the result of discussion on the top issues, common features and differences in contemporary art. Professionals in the field of art and leaders of cultural institutions summarized their aesthetic experience and determined priority trends. People involved in the art process received updated knowledge and useful information about cultural events that took place in Croatia, Poland, Russia, Italy, Moldova, Germany, Armenia, Mongolia, Tatarstan and Ukraine.

People from ten countries had a good opportunity to share creative ideas, and experience exchange in the field of culture management. Here is a feedback from some of participants.

Samdandamba Badamkhorol - artistic director of the festival Roaring Hooves, manager of the MIC (Mongolia) told about that their festival management learned many things in Odessa before they started their own project in Mongolia in 1998. Since that time managers from Mongolia developed their specific festival concept but Odessa idea to perform contemporary art under unexpected conditions and to show the sphere of new music to all interested in people - is the basic conception. She mentioned also about their new experiences and shared the experiences of modern culture management with other participants, particularly about culture management under extreme condition- like the desert of Gobi, where they are organizing both festival and the Gobi Summer Academy. The experience from Odessa enables Mongolian managers also to create center for young culture managers as well. After they started festival Roaring Hooves, other countries asked them for recommendations - that means: the idea, which was born 10 years ago in Odessa is very strong. The spirit of Odessa is fruitful for organizers from many countries. To keep this creative network alive and to share in future the different experiences was proposed.

Scherbakova Irina - manager of the MIC, Deputy Director of the Novgorod Chamber orchestra (Russia) expressed opinion that this large-scale event with a large number of participants from different countries was organized at excellent level. She has gained useful experience during communication with colleagues and made creative contacts with representatives of different institutions. Thanks toUkrainian organizers she met a lot of new colleagues with whom she hopes to realize new projects in nearest future.

Professor B.Wulff (Germany) presented his own culture management concept including exercises and trainings for a festival/event design. According with his opinion the "Culture/Art-Management" includes two aspects: "Management" and "Culture/Art". "Management"- competence covers the important practical, academic/technical knowledge in realization and organization of a certain project: "how" to organize and finance a festival concept.

"Culture/Art"-Management means also the competence and knowledge in creating the festival-concept itself: to determine "what" is the artistic-cultural idea, the-message, the-task.

A successful and efficient result of a festival-project needs competence and knowledge in both: the managing consequences and developing artistic tasks. To create a concept and to compose a program for any art festival needs imagination and developed fantasy. A strong idea and realization is the result of a creative act - and like art -to create a festival can be like composing a symphony.

The lecture by Prof. Wulff described some training programs in both subjects but mainly in this creative conception field:

1) how to create and develop the artistic base of a strong festival-concept

2) general technical aspects of festival-management: strategy, controlling/evaluation, time-management, foundrising etc.

Festival-Concept: how to determine and develop a strong festival concept?

Festival-Realization/Organization: how to make the concept happen?

- general aspects of festival management, strategies for realization/ organization, time-management, controlling/evaluation, social consequences, training exercises.

According to Prof. Wulff this conference was a helpful meeting and a very interesting platform for exchanging concepts in culture management.

Organizers of the Forum presented new English/Ukrainian CD-ROM - "Self-reflection on the Edge of Centuries", dedicated to the ten years activities of the Association New Music. Many people expressed opinion that it is very useful database, since it meets the requirements of both audience and professionals who will get information about development of novel art. It is a fixation of definite level of culture and art for 10 years. Moreover this database is a result and bright example of fruitful cooperation between different ethnic group and nationalities in the field of inter-culture dialogue.

Participants expressed a wish to continue real meeting in virtual form, for example as an Internet- conference. Besides, it is planned to inform participants about cultural actions which will be held in Odessa region to coordinate activities of art institutions and to maintain cooperation in future.

Realization of the Project promotes culture dialogue between Armenia, Germany, Croatia, Italy, Moldova, Mongolia, Poland, Russia, Tatarstan and Ukraine. People of various creative professions from different countries demonstrated understanding of traditions and culture each other and expressed intention to maintain the cooperation between their organizations through the Information centers network.

General output of given project is that participants from 10 countries proved that specificity of different cultures is kept and fresh impulse to novel art development has been received. New art trends as well as more circles of musicians, actors, artists and audience are involved in contemporary art.



Barbetti Maurizio - director of the festival Novecento musica Santa Maria Nuova (Italy)

Binovska Tetyana - manager of marine gallery

Drakulic Sanja (Croatia)- composer, pianist (Croatia)

Kilter Uta - art critic, journalist, choreographer

Kolmanovsky Sergey - composer, musicologist, manager of the Theatre Studio (Germany)

Kononenko Tetyana - music manager, pianist (Germany)

Lorenz Andreas - producer, music manager at the Dresden Center for Contemporary Music (Germany)

Moldavanova Alisa - manager, project Harmony

Nevinchana Tamara - musicologist, Secretary of the Ukrainian composers Union

Oliynyk Lesya - journalist, art critic

Perepelytsya Oleksandr - music manager, director of the Association New Music, director of the festival Two Days and Two Nights of New Music

Runchak Vladimir - conductor, composer

Samdandamba Badamkhorol - artistic director of the festival Roaring Hooves, manager of the MIC (Mongolia)

Scherbakova Irina - manager of the MIC (Russia), Deputy Director of the Novgorod Chamber orchestra

Semenov Yury - musicologist, director of the MIC

Shevelev Oleksandr - manager of the Advertising-Information Agency Sotis

Sichkovska Iryna - journalist, manager of the Radio Company Iryna

Talmelli Andrea - director of the Festival Compositori a confronto (Italy)

Tsepkolenko Karmella - composer, artistic director of the festival Two Days and Two Nights of New Music

Vikhorev Arkadiy - manager of the sound recording studio Arcadia

Vladymyrsky Oleg - photo-artist, manager of the photo art studio

Weimann Gisela - Prof., painter, cultural projects manager (Germany)

Wulff Bernhard - Prof. at the Freiburg Music University, conductor, president of the festival Two Days and Two Nights of New Music (Germany)

Famous composer Zigmunt Krauze (Poland) was a guest of honor at this Forum.