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The 7th festival: 13-15 April 2001  REVIEW   PARTICIPANTS   PROGRAMME   PHOTOS 


The idea remains the same: Music theatre. The dramaturgical action remains the same: a throughout development with some repeated units (Solo-Solissimo, Duel-Duo performed by Ivo Nilsson, Jonny Axelsson, Sergeius Kirsenko and Neringa Butkute; Michel Marang; Pierre-Stéphane Meugé, Ivan Yergiyev and Olena Yergiyeva and others), starting and culmination points (Konzert-Szene's, Entr'acte-Fantasy performed by Continuum Ensemble, Freiburg Percussion Ensemble, Archaeus Ensemble, Kandinsky String Trio, Ars Poetica Ensemble, Trio HAAN, Wiener Collage Ensemble, Harmonies of the World and others). An emphasis is placed on trying to put into the structure of the festival (based on the priority of professional performing and composers' art) the prepared improvisation, as well as to unite the authentic music (India, Azerbaijan), the improvisational music (Duo fatale from Switzerland, dancers from different countries), and attempts to develop an own style on the base of various experiences of 'world music' (Yorgos Adamis, Greece). In general, a Millennium communicationů