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The 9th festival: 18-20 April 2003  REVIEW   PARTICIPANTS   PROGRAMME   PHOTOS 

 Festival 2003 - PROGRAMME 

Thursday (April, 17)

Part I
Rolf Wallin Mandala for two pianos and two percussions
Volodymyr Runchak Four Musicians in 3 Pieces
I. Conversation with the Time - antisonata for two pianos
II. Percussions, No Comments
for two percussions
III. Ego et Alter Ego
for two pianos and two percussions
Performed by: Oksana Rapita piano, Myroslav Drahan piano, Oleh Sokolov percussion, Oleksandr Tymchuk percussion
(Concert is realized thanks to financial support from Embassy of the Norway in Ukraine)

Part II
Odessa Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra
Artistic Director and Conductor: Ihor Shavruk
John Adams Shaker Loops for string orchestra
Ludmyla Samodaieva
Metamorphoses 2 for accordion and chamber orchestra (world premiere)
Aliona Tomlionova
Double Concerto for violin, cello and chamber orchestra (world premiere) (Dedicated to Natalia Lytvynova and Sergiy Scholz)
Henryk Mikolaj Gòrecki Concerto for piano and chamber orchestra (Sponsored by Polish Institute in Kiev)
Soloists: Ivan Yergiyev accordion, Natalia Lytvynova violin, Sergey Scholz cello, Tetyana Kravchenko piano
Conductor: Ihor Shavruk (2, 3)
Visiting Conductor: Volodymyr Runchak (1, 4)


| Signet Signal
Nicolaus A. Huber

| Score I
1. Test Steffen Schleiermacher Acht! for 4 hornists and 4 percussionists
Performed by: Horn Quartet of Odessa State A.V.Nezhdanova Music Academy
Valeriy Apostol
horn, Illia Petrychenko horn, Yuriy Mandziy horn, Ihor Kotyk horn
Main-Ufer percussion,
Stephan Kostenbader
percussion, Geza Huba percussion, Michael Winkler percussion, Thomas Welsch percussion
Artistic director: Bernhard Wulff
2. Oikumene Ludmyla Samodaieva Implore about Selve (in memoriam of Mexican composer Manuel Mora) (world premiere)
Performed by: Vjacheslav Yanchuk percussion, Olena Yergiyeva violin, Andriy Silin double bass, Ludmyla Samodaieva piano

18.00 Ebony-Kwartet
Volodymyr Runchak The Art of Mute Sounds - Something Like a Quartet
Tristan Keuris Clarinet Quartet
Elias Gistelinck Koan I
Yves Bondue Zabava
Performed by: Dieter Vandekerckhove clarinets in Es and in B, Joos Creteur clarinet in B, Geert Acke clarinets in B and alto, Stephan Vermeersch bass clarinet

19.00 DUEL-DUO I | Vitaly Vozniak clarinet, Tetyana Kravchenko piano
Svitlana Azarova
Funk Island for corno di bassetto and piano (world premiere)
Mauricio Kagel À deux m dins for solo piano
Franko Donatoni Clair for solo clarinet
Julia Gomelskaya Carl and Clara for clarinet and piano (world premiere)

20.00 PICTURING The Frescos
Darija Andovska Odyssey Balkanica - Macedonia 2001 for bassoon, accordion, violin, two cellos and piano
Dmitry Capyrin Elegia and Nerve for two cellos
Ludmyla Yurina Klangillusion II for violin, cello and piano
Antanas Jasenka
Frequency for two cellos and electronics
Vadim Larchikov Pietà in August for ensemble : I. The Motionless Cry of a White Sea-Gull over the Broken Bridge on the Atoll of Bikini II. Still Life with the Nuclear Crucifixion, after the Disintegration of Persistence of Memory (Miserere, Domine!) (world premiere)
Performed by: The Frescos Contemporary Music Ensemble:
Sergiy Khudyakov
bassoon, Roman Korentsvit accordion, Olena Chumachenko piano, Yaroslav Revutsky violin, Olga Veselina cello,
Vadim Larchikov cello, artistic director
and Duo Violoncellissimo
Olga Veselina
and Vadim Larchikov cellos

21.00 DUEL-DUO II | Duo Neue Flötentöne
: Anne Horstmann and Dörte Nienstedt
Myriam Lucia Marbe Arc en Ciel for piccolo, alto flute, bass flute, flute, Chinese flutes, sopranino, soprano, bass and sub-contrabass recorders, temple blocks, small cymbals
Violeta Dinescu Krendel Duo for high flutes: piccolo flute, soprano recorder
Dörte Nienstedt Improvisation mecanique for contrabass recorder
Karmella Tsepkolenko Duel-Duo No. 8 for two flutists (piccolo, Chinese flute dizi, alto flute, flute, bass, contrabass, sub-contrabass recorders) (world premiere) (All Works composed for Duo Neue Flötentöne)

22.00 Ensemble Oden
François Bernard Mâche Figure for clarinet and vibraphone
Henri Dutilleux Citations for oboe, electronic piano, percussion, double bass
Bernard Cavanna Trio for marimba, clarinet, double bass
Petros Korelis Anakreon for oboe, clarinet, piano and double bass
Bruno Giner Jetzt for solo clarinet
Performed by: Gidas Prado oboe, Mathieu Fevre clarinet, Christophe Vella percussion, conductor, Sophia Vaillant piano, Tanguy Menez double bass
Sponsored by SACEM - Society for Artist Composer and Editor of Music

Natalia Marynenko Fishborn (Sound track by Mykhaylo Krykalov)

23.30 Carillon Percussion Ensemble at Odessa State A.V.Nezhdanova Music Academy
Mykola Karpenko Step by step
Performed by: Dmytro Ischenko percussion, Bohdan Maybroda percussion, Oleksiy Ralo percussion, artistic director


00.00 KONZERT-SZENE 2 | Score II
1. Atmosphere
Günther Wulff Michelangelo for clarinet, voice, piano, cello and painting
Performed by: Ensemble Senza Sforzando:
Igor Zakharchenko
clarinet, Iryna Kamenetska voice, Evhen Dovbysh cello, Oleksandr Perepelytsya junior piano, artistic director
2. Atmos James Tenney 2 Crystall Canons
Performed by: Main-Ufer Percussion:
Stephan Kostenbader
percussion, Geza Huba percussion, Michael Winkler percussion, Thomas Welsch percussion
Artistic director: Bernhard Wulff


16.00 KONZERT-SZENE 3 | Score III
1. Ensemble Ricochet
Theo Loevendie Lerchen-Trio for clarinet, cello and piano (in memoriam Olivier Messiaen)
Oleksandr Shchetynsky Message on A.W. for cello and piano
Louis Andriessen Double for clarinet and piano
Willem Jeths Chiasmos for violin, cello and piano
Sergiy Pilyutykov Capriccio for bass clarinet, cello and piano
Guus Janssen Zoek for flute piccolo, clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Performed by: Dmytro Medolyz flute, Oleksiy Boyko clarinet, Mykhailo Bilych violin, Zoltan Almashi cello, Roman Repka piano
Conductor: Ihor Nazarenko
Artistic director: Sergiy Pilyutykov
Concert is realized thanks to financial support from Gaudeamus Foundation (The Netherlands), Muziekgroep Netherlands (The Netherlands), Embassy of the Netherlands in Ukraine
2. Duo Cadence: Ivan Yergiyev accordion, Olena Yergiyeva violin
Maya Virsaladze Two Wings (world premiere)
Oleksandr Shchetynsky
Together, five pieces (world premiere)
Vytautas Germanavicius
Cadenza (world premiere)
Rashid Kalimoullin
Insight for Duo

18.00 MEETING with The Harmonies of the World
Svyatoslav Lunyov Eufonia for violin, viola and cello
Galina Grigorieva
Lament for solo flute
Bohdana Frolyak
Magni nominis umbra for violin, viola, cello and piano (world premiere)
Agris Engelmanis Meditation for solo cello
Karmella Tsepkolenko
Duel-Duo No.2 for violin and cello
Jean-Luc Darbellay Écumes for string quartet
Performed by: Ensemble The Harmonies of the World:
Natalia Lytvynova
violin, Leonid Piskun violin, Iya Komarova viola, Sergey Scholz cello, artistic director, Sergey Laptev flute, Tetyana Kravchenko piano

19.30 DUEL-DUO III | Elsbeth Moser
accordion, Nicolas Altstädt cello
Sofia Gubaidulina De profundis for solo accordion
Isang Yun Intermezzo for accordion and cello
Henri Dutilleux Trois srtophes sur le nom de Sacher for solo cello
Moritz Eggert La Risposta for accordion and cello

20.30 SOLO-SOLISSIMO-ENTR'ACTE | Noëmi Schindler
Bernard Cavanna Fauves
Camille Roy D'ailleurs
Luis Naon Macristalhias for violin and tape

21.30 Ensemble Amaltea
Christian Henking Maifeuer
Frangis Ali-Zade Three watercolors
Christian Henking Assedo for flute and piano (world premiere)
Julia Gomelskaya Out of Gravitation on poems by Gwyneth Lewis for soprano, flute/alto flute and piano
Performed by: Barbara Bossert flute, Andrienne Rychard soprano, Eva Schwaar piano

22.30 DUEL-DUO IV | Duo Neue Flötentöne: Anne Horstmann, Dörte Nienstedt
Hans-Joachim Hespos überRasch “Shrill offScene for LIP WHISTLING in piccolo/sopranino range”
Violeta Dinescu Zerrspiegel Duo for low flutes: alto and bass flute, tenor recorder, contrabass and subcontrabass recorders
François Rossé Lech for dizi (Chinese flute)
Oskar Gottlieb Blarr Sadako Sasaki: On Headjoints – Sonogramm - Presto Possibile - Song of the Dragonfly for flute headjoints, flute, bass flute, Chinese flutes, tenor, sub-contrabass recorders
François Rosse Flötlinge for alto flute and bass recorder
(All Works composed for Duo Neue Flötentöne)



00.00 KONZERT-SZENE 4 | Score IV
1. Drazan Kosoric "And it will be on that day…" for chamber ensemble
Performed by: Dmytro Ischenko percussion, Bohdan Maybroda percussion, Volodymyr Murza accordion, Tetyana Kravchenko piano, Sergiy Scholz cello
2. Alla Zagaykevych Heroneja for bassoon, violin, cello, piano and electronics
Performed by: The Frescos Contemporary Music Ensemble:
Sergiy Khudyakov
bassoon, Yaroslav Revutsky violin, Olga Veselina cello, Olena Chumachenko piano and Alla Zagaykevych electronics
3. Entr'acte-Fantasy Maurice Benterfa Concerto for trumpet and timpani
Performed by: Vitaly Pashkovsky trumpet, Oleksiy Ralo percussion


4. Symphony
Wolfgang Reifeneder
Boxing Day
David Punto Chairman of the Boarding
Performed by: Main-Ufer percussion,
Stephan Kostenbader
percussion, Geza Huba percussion, Michael Winkler percussion, Thomas Welsch percussion
Artistic director: Bernhard Wulff

03.00 THE END