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The 10th festival: 23-25 April 2004  REVIEW   PARTICIPANTS   PROGRAMME   PHOTOS 


Festival 2004 its celebrates 10th anniversary. Now it is one of the largest and most informative festivals for New music and performing art in Ukraine.
The specificity of the 10th festival is the wide application of theatrical forms and genres. Approximately 100 works were performed, including nearly 20 world premieres by Ukrainian and foreign composers. Many music performances are theatrical character combined with art actions, sound, video, cinema and multimedia installations. Unconventional modes of action rely on unconventional situation for the public. The concerts before the Festival formed a festival prelude. The International Conference of Festivals and MICs Directors, Cultural and Musical Managers was held at the same time.
The conception of the Festival remains the same: a large international event for New music with participation of nearly 200 musicians, composers, musicologists, and cultural managers from all over the world. The aim is to unite New music with new festival form, demonstration of new trends in New music to Ukrainian auditory, promotion the integration of Ukrainian music to the worldwide music culture.
The 10th International Festival of Modern Art Two Days and Two Nights of New Music included works by: S.Belimov, M.Bronner, V.Dinescu, S.Drakulic, V.Germanavicius, J.Gomelskaya, H.Havrylets, C.R.Hirschfeld, Y.Ishchenko, R.Kalimoullin, S.Kolmanovsky, L.Kolodub, Z.Krauze, V.Larchikov, S.Lunyov, A.Radvilovich, V.Poleva, O.Rovenko, V.Runchak, A.Ruppert, L.Samodaieva, O.Shchetynsky, Je.Stankovych, A.Talmelli, A.Tomlionova, K.Tsepkolenko, L.Yurina, A.Zagaykevych, A.Zohrabyan, S.Zazhytko and others.
Performed by: Cordepiano-Duo, Duo Cadence, Duo-Duel, Guitar Duo, The Frescos Contemporary Music Ensemble, The Harmonies of the World, Trio Avalon, Trio Frissons, Ensemble Senza Sforzando, Ensemble SurPlus, Odessa Chamber Orchestra, The Vocal Quartet Vox, The Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Vienna, M.Barbetti (viola), W.Barho (piano), H.Koch (piano), T.Kravchenko (piano), V.Murza (accordion), O.Murza (balalaika), I.Shavruk (conductor), C.Schlabach-Uhl (soprano), S.Vermeersch (clarinet), G.Weimann (painter), B.Wulff (conductor), I.Yergiyev (accordion) and others.