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The 12th festival: 21-23 April 2006  REVIEW   PARTICIPANTS   PROGRAMME   PHOTOS 


The conception of 12th edition of the Festival remains the same: a large international event for New music with the participation of musicians from all over the world. The aim is to unite New music with new festival form, to demonstrate novel trends of New music to the Ukrainian auditory, to promote the integration of Ukrainian music to the worldwide music culture. The specificity of the 12th festival is focus on the literary heritage. Every musical hour as a rule is filled with a new action combined with installations of performing, visual, multimedia and synthetic arts.
The Programme includes works by: Z. Almashi, S. Azarova, A. Brilius, M. Bronner, A. Chibalashvili, S. Drakulich, H.-P. Frehner, B. Frolyak, J. Gomelskaya, I. Halatenko, H. Havrylets, R. Kalimoullin, O. Kozarenko, O. Krasotov, T. Kravchenko, Y. Laniuk, V.Larchikov, I. Nebesnyj, A. Peçi, O. Perepelytsya junior, S. Pilyutykov, V. Poleva, P.-D. Ponnelle, A. Radvilovich, V. Runchak, L. Samodaieva, M. Shorenkov, V. Silvestrov, M. Skoryk, L. Sydorenko, I.Taranenko, A. Tikhoplav, A. Tomlionova, K. Tsepkolenko, A. Zagaykevych, S. Zazhitko and others.
Performers: J. Barnieck, P.-S. Meugé, O. Poltavchenko, R. Repka, T. Jurkich Sviben, S. Scholz, A. Tkachenko, V. Voznjak, B. Wulff, O. Yefremova, I. Yergiyev, O. Yergiyeva, R. Yusipey, L. Zhupkova, ensemble asamisimasa, duo Cadence, ensemble Classic-Modern, the Harmonies of the World ensemble, duo Les Éclats Du Son, Lviv Flute Quartet, Percussion Ensemble of Freiburg Music University, the Frescos contemporary music ensemble, ensemble für neue musik zurich, trio La Tache, duo Runedako, ensemble Senza Sforzando, duo Violoncellissimo and others.