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The 2nd festival: 12-14 April 1996  REVIEW   PARTICIPANTS   PROGRAMME   PHOTOS 

 Festival 1996 - PROGRAMME 


16.00 KONZERT-SZENE 1 The birds of Olivier Messiaen
Music installation of Olivier Messiaen.
Oiseaux exotiques for wind ensemble, percussion and piano.
Ornithological lecture. Indian rhythms. Sound installation of bird songs.
Exhibition of Oleksandr Roytburd painting.
Performed by: James Avery piano
The Ensemble of Freiburg High School for Music
Producer and conductor: Bemhard Wulff

17.00 17.30 INTERVAL

17.30 SOLO-SOLISSIMO | Philippe Cuper clarinet
Igor Stravinsky Three Pieces
Janos Komives Flammes (5 pieces)
Michael Berkley Flighting
Tlberlu Olah Sonata
Jevhen Stankovych A Piece
Steve Reich New York Counterpoint

18.30 FOUR TO TWO | The Harmonies of the World
Eugene Hartzell String Quartet
Myroslav Skoryk Diptych for string quartet
Rashid Kalimoullin String Quartet No.4
Mauricio Kagel Pan for flute and string quartet
Valentin Silvestrov Two Postludes for violin, cello and piano
Perfomed by: Natalia Lytvynova violin, Leonid Piskun violin, Iya Komarova viola, Sergey Scholz cello and Carin Levine flute, Natalia Buzanova piano

19.30 NEW ELECTRONIC MUSIC | Mesias Maiguashca
Koenig Function Green
Maiguashca Video Memories
Wishart Vox
Chowning Turenas
Maiguashca Video Memories III

20.00 EXHIBITION | Ha Webe LaSombra del Caminante-Bildpartituren

20.30 PICTURING The Frescos:
Alexander Radvilovich Sa(e)iten for Piano
Ernst Helmuth Flammer ...ex-tem-seopus-fo... 24 Moments for clarinet, violin, cello and piano (1981)
Marlano Etkin Caminos de Comisa for flute, clarinet, piano and percussion (1985)
Jacob ter Veldhuls Rifuglo d'Uccelli Nottumi for cello and piano (1986-1991)
Violeta Dinescu Saiten for voice, flute, clarinet, accordion, and cello (1993)
Performed by: Christina Ascher mezzo-soprano, Alexander Radvilovich piano, Ivan Yergiyev accordion and Julia Safonova flute, Ihor Billyj clarinet, Zoya Nademlyns'ka violin, Vadim Larchikov cello, Tetyana Kravchenko piano, Slavik Stakhov percussion

21.30 SOLO-SOLISSIMO | Hugo Noth accordion
Gyorgy Ligeti, N.A.Huber, Friedhelm Dohl

22.00 TETE A TETE with The Ensemble 2e2m
Pierre Strauch
Cadran sans Aiguille for voice and cello
Ernst Helmuth Flammer Klavierstck for Piano solo
Laurent Martin Duo for Violin and Cello
Glacinto Scelsi Chants du Capricome for voice (extracts)
Pierre Boulez Anthemes Cello
Paul Mefano Trois Chants Crepusculaires for dramatic soprano and piano
Jonathan Harvey Trio for violin, cello and piano
Performed by: Sophie Boulin soprano, Franz Michel piano, Sona Khochafian violin, Pierre Strauch cello

23.15 24.00 THE FILM Les Enfants Illegitimes d'Anton Webern
Producer: Lilia Enfants Ollivier - Oguienko
Presented by ARTE (France)


00.30 Ensemble XASAX:
Hugues Dufour Quatuor
Franco Donatoni Rasch
John Cage Four 5
Iannis Xenakis XAS
Karlheinz Stockhausen
Performed by: Pierre Stephane Meuge, Marcus Weiss, Jean-Michell Goury, Serge Bertocchi

I. John Cage Sonatas and Interludes for prepared Piano
II. Karmella Tsepkolenko Princess for flute and string quartet (world premiere), (scenario and installation by Vasyl` Riabchenko)
III. John Cage Sonatas and Interludes for prepared piano
Performed by: Jonh Cage Ensemble:
Gabriele Wulff piano, Katrin Liebert dance, Carin Levine flute and Ensemble The Harmonies of the World
Decoration by Vasyl` Riabchenko
Produced by Johann-Georg Schaarschmidt


16.00 The Ensemble Contrechamps: Franz Furrer-Munch Trio for flute, cello and piano (world premiere)
Violeta Dinescu Duo for flute and cello (world premiere)
Heinz Holliger (t) air(e) for flute solo | Chaconne for cello solo | Elis for piano solo
George Crumb Vox Balaenae for flute, cello, piano
Performed by: Felix Renggli flute, Daniel Haefliger cello, Bahar Dorduncu piano

Yury Laniuk
Seraphicus for piano, cello and tape
Maryna Denysenko Opening the Cage for soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano (1995)
Serhiy Zazhyt`ko Epitaph to Marquis de Sade for two Cellos (1996)
Ludmyla Samodaieva Revelations for accordion and violin (1995)
Oleksandr Kozarenko Romanza for clarinet, trombone, piano and cello
Vadim Larchikov Inter Lacrimas et luctum` for two cellos (1995)
Oleksandr Shchetynsky Way to Meditation for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano (1990)
Performed by: Yury Laniuk cello, Jozhef Ermin piano, Natalia Stepanenko soprano and Julia Safonova flute, Ihor Bilyj clarinet, Ivan Yergiyev accordion, Zoya Nademlyns`ka violin, Olena Yergiyeva violin, Olha Veselina cello, Vadim Larchikov cello, Tetyana Kravchenko piano

18.00 DUEL-DUO | Carin Levine flute Slavik Stakhov percussion
Miriam Marbe The Enchanted Garden
Vinko Globokar Toucher. Monolith
Martin Wesley-Smith For marimba and tape
Mauricio Kagel Atem for a wind player

19.00 19.30 INTERVAL

19.30 The Nomas Quartet:
Violeta Dinescu String Quartet No.2 (1994)
Luigi Nono Fragmente, StilleAn Diotima (1979-1980)
Performed by: Martin Dehning violin, Sonia Maria Marks violin, Friderike Koch viola, Sabine Pfeiffer cello

Jurg Wyttenbach Encore! Tics and tricks for an actress and a cello player
Flute Alors! Suite des Grimaces de Palls Athenae
Dialogue avec un brilliant partenaire pour un flutiste
Tarantella fur eine singende und tanzende Geigerin

Performed by: Philippe Racine flute, Benedikt Leither cello, Judith Keller violin

21.15 21.45 INTERVAL

21.45 SOLO-SOLISSIMO | Salto Vocale Christina Ascher Mezzo-Soprano:
Gerhard Rosenfeld Ognuno sta solo (1986)
Vincent Gruger De umbra loguens (1990)
Exercitium for solo voice after Dante
Violeta Dinescu Quatrain (1986)
John Cage Aria (1958)
Luciano Berio Sequenza III (1966)

22.45 DUEL-DUO James Avery Pierre-Stephan Meuge
Ernst Helmuth Flammer
Panopticum for dancing soprano-saxophone player and tape (1993)
Wolfgang Rihm Klavierstück No.5 (Tombeau) for piano (1975)
Mario Davidovsky Synchronisms No.6 (1970) for Piano and Electronic Sounds
Pierre Stephane Meuge Improvisation

23.30 24.00 INSTALLATION by Dmytro Diulfan


00.00 01.00 Daniel Mouthon Ghostdriver Chamber Opera (world premiere)
Performed by: new music zurich ensemble:
Hans Peter Frenner flute, Hansrued Bissiger clarinet, Urs Bumbacher violin, Samuel Brunner cello, Viktor Muller piano, Matthias Eser percussion, Daniel Mouthon voice


01.30 02.30 KONZERT - SZENE 4
Steve Reich
Music for Pieces of Wood
Mauricio Kagel Pas de cinq
Ernst Toch Fuga aus der Geographie
Performed by: Ensemble of Freiburg High School for Music :
Andreas Winkler, Falco Oesterle, Slavyk Stakhov, Naoko Hida, Carsten Steinbach, Grzegorz Podolski, Tanja Muller
Produced by Johann Georg Schaarschmidt
Conductor Bernhard Wulff

02.30 THE END