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The 3rd festival: 11-13 April 1997  REVIEW   PARTICIPANTS   PROGRAMME   PHOTOS 

 Festival 1997 - PROGRAMME 



| Mauricio Kagel from 10 Märsche, um den Sieg zu verfehlen
Performed by: Odessa Municipal Brass Band
Artistic Director and Conductor Oleksandr Salik

| Minorou Miki Marimba-Spiritual
Performed by: Percussion Ensembles of High School for Music Freiburg and Odessa Conservatory
Conductor: Bernhard Wulff

17.00 SOLO-SOLISSIMO | Friedrich Gauwerky
Bernd Alois Zimmermann Sonate
Hans Werner Henze Capriccio
Hans Joachim Hespos Fur Cello Solo
Karlheinz Stockhausen In Freundschaft



18.30 PICTURING The Frescos
Victor Rasgado Rayo nocturnal for flute, clarinet, violin, 2 cellos and piano
Sergiy Zazhitko Monoversion for clarinet solo
Liudmyla Yurina Distanzierung for 2 cellos
Alexander Radvilovich Music for Three for clarinet, violin and piano
Oleksandr Kozarenko Inventions for 4 melodic instruments (performed by 2 violins and 2 cellos)
Vadim Larchikov Hymn for cello
Manuel Mora EmmAIRo II for clarinet, trombone, cello and piano
Ludmyla Samodaieva Forgotten Dances for 2 cellos (world premiere)
Sergey Berinsky Seascape for accordion and violin
Jacob ter Veldhuis Cloud Cuckooland for clarinet, piano, 2 violins, 2 cellos
Performed by: the Frescos Contemporary Music Ensemble:
Julia Safonova
flute, Andrey Sokolov trombone, Igor Beliy clarinet, Ivan Yergiyev accordion, Ruslan Gapeev violin, Elena Boghaichuk, Alexander Radvilovich piano, Olga Veselina cello, Olena Yergiyeva violin, Tetyana Kravchenko piano, Vadim Larchikov cello, artistic director

| Alina Mleczko saxophone, Magnus Andersson guitar
Maciej Zielinski Alone in a crowd for alto saxophone and tape
Maciej Malecki Elegy for alto saxophone and tape
Brono Maderna Y Despues for guitar
Tristan Murail Tellur for guitar
Uros Rojko Passing Away for guitar
Waldemar Miksa Serenite for alto saxophone and tape
Pawel Mykietyn Sonatina for Alma for alto saxophone and tape
Franco Donatoni Algo for guitar
Maurice Ohana Tiento for guitar

20.30 Trio Strakke Lucht (Tight Air)
and Nora Mülder
Eric de Clercq L'uomo que camina for piano solo
Strakke Lucht Axum, Even when it was proven by a dog,
Traumerei, St. James infirmary Blues, In a sentimental mood,
Capital, Punishment
and more
Performed by: Eric de Clercq percussion, electronics, Martin de Ruiter accordion, Eric Landgeveld contrabassoon, Nora Mülder piano

21.30 Third eye performance by Yury Novikov
Music from works by Valentin Silvestrov and Ting Ho
Performed by: Debora Williams soprano, Serhij Laptev flute

22.00 POST-SOVIET RETROSPECTIVE | Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble
Alfred Schnittke Serenada for clarinet, violin, contrabass, piano and percussion
Ghenadie Ciobanu The Sad Symbols for clarinet solo
Edison Denisov Sonata for piano
Rashid Kalimoullin When we will come together again for Clarinet solo (world premiere)
Oleksandr Shchetynsky Cross views for clarinet and cello
Yury Kasparov Schnberg`s Space (I Part) for violin, cello and piano
Peteris Vasks Landscape With Birds for flute solo
Faradz Karaev Postlude II for contrabass, piano and celesta off stage
Performed by: Dmitry Denisov flute, Michael Dubov piano, Sergey Ampleev percussion, Natalia Savinova cello, Victoria Korshunova celista, Oleg Tantsov clarinet, Maria Parshyna piano, Olexandr Chernov violin, Ihor Solokhin contrabass,
Artistic Director - Yury Kasparov

23.00 Transparent
performance by Ute Kilter and Victor Malyarenko

23.15 KONZERT SZENE II | Steve Reich
Six Pianos
Performed by: James Avery, Dieter Mack, Hansjörg Koch, Yury Rakul, Viacheslav Dashkovsky, Tetyana Shevchenko
Sound Sculptures from music by Klaus Gündchen and Mesias Maiguashca
Performed by: Bassam Abdul Salam


00.00 DUEL-NOTTURNO | Christina Ascher
mezzo-soprano and Gabriela Wulff piano
John Cage She is asleep
Jacob ter Veldhuis Three calm songs (poetries by Hölderlin)
Alban Berg Schliesse mir die Auden beide (2 versions of the same poetry by Theodor Storm)
Ernst Krenek Durich die Nacht, Op.67 (text by Karl Kraus)

01.00 Theatre Arbos The Concert of the Birds (world premiere)
A mystic comedy by Dzevad Karahasan (Bosnia-Herzegowina)
As an opera and theatre work
Music by: Christian Ofenbauer, Johannes Kern, Werner Raditschnig (Austria), Violeta Dinescu (Romania/Germany), Karmella Tsepkolenko (Ukraine), Petr Pokorny (Czech Republic), Arsen Dedich (Croatia), Jonas Bohlin and Mats Larsson (Sweden)
Scene & Stage Herbert Gantschacher (Austria)
Costumes Burgis Paier (Italy)
Musical Director Elmo Cosetini (Italy)
Performed by:
Mircea Mihalache (Austria) President, Nightingale (altus)
Hana Hegedushich (Croatia) Mamma Ghalina, Raven, voice of Simurgh (soprano)
Rupert Bergmann (Austria) Doctor, Wiedehopf, voice of Attar (baritone)
and The Ensemble Kreativ (Austria):
Günter Fliedlich piccolo, flute, alto, Michael Kasalicky viola, Wolfgang Kremser clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone, Roman Flammersfeld percussion


15.00 PRESENTATION of the Soros Center for Contemporary Art Odessa

15.30 New File exhibition of contemporary visual art

17.30 MEETING WITH The Harmonies of the World
Eugene Hartzell Flute Quintet (world premiere)
Robert Beaser Variations tor soprano and piano
Julia Gomelskaya Fonium Folk for flute, violin, cello, piano
Rashid Kalimoullin Wreckage of Memory for cello (world premiere)
Erik Freitag Circuits Magiques for string quartet (world premiere)
Pertormed by: Natalia Lytvynova violin, lya Komarova viola, Marina Stern piano, Zulfia Assadullina cello, Sergey Laptev flute, Leonid Piskun violin, Sergey Scholz cello, Christina Khimm violin, Deborah Williams soprano


19.00 SOLO-SOLISSIMO Slavik Stakhov
Akira Soyoshi Mirage for Marimba
Christopher Deane Mourning Dove Sonnet for vibraphone
Vinko Clobokar Ombre for a singing drummer, tape and drum-machine

19.30 DUEL-DUO II | Paul Silverthorne viola Andriy Vijtovitch viola
Krzysztof Penderecki Cadenza for viola solo
Elisabeth Lutyens Echo of the Wind for viola solo
Gyorgy Kurtag Signes (Op.5)
Daniel Bortz Dialogo 2 for 2 violas and tape

20.00 Dinu Ghezzo In Search of Eundice for piano and computer (Tape)

with SurPlus
Dieter Mack Lalangan tor percussion and piano
Paul Dessau Guernica for piano
Dieter Mack Bulan for bass clarinet and English Horn
Performed by: Uwe Städer english horn, Erich Wagner bass clarinet, Inaki Iraola bassoon, Olaf Tzschoppe percussion, Pascal Pons percussion, James Avery piano and conductor


21.45 KONZERT-SZENE III "Hommage au Duc"


00.00 DUEL-DUOMEGA | Daniel Kientzy saxophone and Reina Portuondo electronics
Aurel Stroe Intrada for sopranino and soprano saxophones
Midlen Milicevic Solo for soprano saxophone and tape
Anatol Vieru Pulsions en souffl continu for alto saxophone
Doina Rotaru Reina for soprano saxophone and tape (world premiere)
Gyula Pinter It east is glistening for alto saxophone and tape (world premiere)
Jean Claude Risset Saxtractor for soprano and tenor saxophones and tape
Francois Bernard Mache Aulodie for soprano saxophone and tape



I. Stom Sonderopp Banana Banshee for percussion
Performed by: Slavik Stakhov, Andreas Winkler
II. Simeon ter Holt Solodevildance (performance by Kees Wieringa)
Ian Willcock Cruelties - a catalogue of grotesque events with real-life examples for soprano, oboe, clarinet, viola, percussion and tape
Performed by: Christina Ascher mezzo-soprano, Uwe Städler oboe, Erich Wagner clarinet, Robert Faltin viola, Olaf Tzschoppe percussion, James Avery Conducting
Maurice Ohana Etudes Choreographiques for percussion quartet and dance trio
Performed by: The Percussion Ensemble of High School for Music Freiburg:
Slavik Stakhov, Andreas Winkler, Grzegorz Podolski, Lee Ferguson, Tania Miller
and Dance-Trio: Wasyl' Drobows'ky, Olga Rogachova, Ihor Konow
Producer, Ballet master Anatoly Dumanov
Design-Artist - Zhanna Gejlis
Conductor - Bernhard Wulff

03.30 THE END