Karmella Tsepkolenko



Born in Odessa (Ukraine), on February 20, 1955. She got her music education at Odessa P. S. Stoliarsky Special Music School (1962-1973) as a pianist (Prof. H.Buchyns’kyj, lecturer O.Pannikova) and as a composer (Prof. A.Kogan). Then she continued education at Odessa State A.V.Nezhdanova Conservatoire (now Odessa State A.V.Nezhdanova Musical Academy) (1973-1979) as a composer (Prof. O.Krasotov) and as a pianist (Prof. L.Ginzburg). Her studying continued at Moscow V.I.Lenin Pedagogical Institute (now Moscow Pedagogical University) under Prof. G.Tsypin and got PhD (Musical Pedagogy). Dissertation work entitled “Improvement of forms and methods for composition teaching (to the “screenplay” problem elaboration of music material)” (Moscow, 1990).
She visited composers’ master-courses in Germany (Darmstadt, 1992, 1994; Bayreuth, 1993).
Since 1980 she is a Professor of composition at Odessa State A.V.Nezhdanova Musical Academy. She successfully follows traditions of Odessa composition school. Among her pupils are laureates of National prizes and winners of international grants.
She is the leader of annual workshop for contemporary music at the International master-class for pianists (Biel, Switzerland, 2001).
She is the author of music material included in the textbook by O.Perepelytsya and K.Tsepkolenko “Artistic Games” (1990). Cycle of piano pieces “Tonocolori” from this book was awarded Prize of the International Composition Competition “Rendez-vous international du piano en Creuse” (Gere, France, 1990). She has published series of articles and reports dedicated to the method of the composition teaching.
She participated in many international festivals and forums. In particular, her works were performed at such important events as “World Music Days” of the ISCM (Bucharest, Romania, 1999; Yokohama, Japan, 2001), “Wien Modern” (Vienna, Austria, 1997, 1998), Internationales Pianoforum für Neue Musik "...antasten...“ (Heilbronn, Germany, 1995, 2001), “Summergarden” (New York, USA, 2000) etc. K.Tsepkolenko as the ANM President and a Chief delegate from Ukrainian Section of the ISCM participates in General Assembly and Annual festivals “World Music Days” starting from 1997.
She was awarded Diplomas and Prizes at Soviet All-Union composers’ competitions in Armenia and Russia (1978) and at international ones in Germany (1983) and France (1990, 1993). She got creative residences grants and fellowships from the Heinrich Böll Foundation (Germany, 1995), DAAD (Germany, 1996), “Brahms-Haus Foundation” (Germany, 1996), the ArtsLink Fellowship from “Internnational Renaissance Foundation” (Ukraine), “National Endowment for the Arts of the USA” (New York, USA, 1996), the residences in “Künstlerhof Schreyahn” (Germany, 1998), “Worpswede Künstlerhäuser” (Germany, 2000), “Die Höge” (Germany, 2002, 2003). Foundations “KulturKontakt” (Austria), “Pro Helvetia” (Switzerland), “International Renaissance Foundation” (Ukraine) granted her creative and cultural projects.
She is the author of more than 70 music works, including 3 operas (one - in international co-operation), 3 symphonies, concert for piano and symphony orchestra, 3 symphonies for chamber orchestra, performances and chamber music (instrumental and vocal instrumental) as well as electronic works.
A number of her works have been commissioned, among others, by the Culture Ministry of France for the "2å2m" Ensemble (premiered on January, 2004 - Paris, France, concert hall of the Theatre Le Trianon), the Dresden Center for Contemporary Music and the 17th Festival "Dresdner Tage der zeitgenössischen Musik" for the Ensembles Sur Plus and Accroche Note (premiered on October, 2003 - Dresden, Germany), the Foundation Pro Helvetia for the Klangheimlich Ensemble, the festival SPAZIOMUSICA (premiered on November 2003, Cagliari, Sassari, Italy), the foundation KulturKontakt for the Wiener Collage Ensemble and the "Vergessener Völker Müdigkeiten..." ("Forgotten Peoples' Exhaustions…") project, etc.
Series of her music works has been published in scores, produced on 11 CDs, and recorded by Broadcasting Companies in Ukraine, Germany, Denmark, France, etc.
During 1980s she came nearer to free atonality stylistically and has started to individualize musical forms of compositions on the grounds of scenario creative concept. After Darmstadt experience she approached to various trends of European New Music, using free models and post-modern stylistics. Peculiarities of her composition style are natural expression, dramatic theory in combination with preference to creation of novel forms: linear (sometimes expanded to chords and layers) and dialogic textures, performances and “festival-genres” (“Solo-solissimo”, “Solo-Momento”, “Duel-Duo”, “Card Game”). There are experiments in order to create novel form of sound material. In the process modeling of pieces she overcomes individualistic borders and traditional perception. She creates novel super gigantic spaces (festivals), which exist as a single synthetic action consisting of music, theatre, performance and visual art.
K.Tsepkolenko is the author of conception, founder and artistic director of the annual International Festival of Modern Art “Two Days and Two Nights of New Music” (Odessa, Ukraine, 1995 -). Unique character of this action consists in that it is modelling by the logics of composer’s thinking and author’s conception performing grandiose 48 hours event, where various kinds of art are organically mixed and exist according to the laws of own time.
In addition, K.Tsepkolenko is organizer of many artistic actions. Series of festivals and concerts were realized owing to her inspiration. The most popular are: “Wandering Art Academy” (Odessa, 1997-2000), “Prima Vista” (1997-1999), series of actions dedicated to the contemporary improvisation, plastic forms of art and many others cultural events and actions (total over 70).
She is the initiator of creation, a founder and Head of the Board of the International Public Organization Association New Music - Ukrainian Section of International Society for Contemporary Music/ISCM.

During activities of the ANM, under leadership and with participation of K.Tsepkolenko:
First in Ukraine Musical Information Center for contemporary music/MIC was founded in 2000. Recordings and information about composers, performers, conductors, musical groups etc. are collected in database and library.
Double CD-ROM “Candours of Mystery” - multimedia database of Ukrainian women composers - photos, texts and audiovisual information: about women composers, works and performers has been released (Odessa, 2002).
The best recordings from seven editions of 2D2N have been released on three CDs (one is double).
Website of Association New Music and Internet-journal “Musica Ukrainica” (Odessa, Ukraine, 2000-2002) have been created.
English/Ukrainian Reference book “Contemporary Composers of Ukraine” with photos, biographies and complete lists of works has been published (Odessa, 2002).

She is a member of Ukrainian Composers’ Union (1982).
She was awarded the B.Liatoshynskyj National Prize (2001).


2004 Symphony no.4 for symphony orchestra (pic, 2fl, 2ob, 2cl, 2fg; 4cr, 2tr, 3tn, tb; tpni, bl-di-l, 4 ttom, tbr-mil, trg, pt o-ssp, gr-c, vbr; gng, ttam, p, str.): 30`
2003 "Duel-Duo no.9" for piano and percussion (bl-di-l, tbr-mil, ttom, pto-ssp, gng, vbr), (premiered on November 2003, Cagliari, Sassari, Italy): 13`
2003 "Solo-Momento no.3" for viola (premiered on June 2003, Roma, Italy): 2`
2003 "Hinter dem Horizont" on verses by Matthias Kneip (in German) for soprano, percussion (tmpni, 2 darabukas, crot, gng, vbr), piano and double bass (premiered on October, 2003, Dresden, Germany): 11`
2003 "Duel-Duo No.8" for two flutists {pic/dizi-fl/a-fl/fl, s-b-bl-fl/gr-b-bl-fl(roessler)/gr-b-bl-fl(paekold)/b-bl-fl}: 9`
2002 "Cabin for Eight" for 8 instrumentalists {fl/a- fl, cl/b- cl, t- sax/sopr-sax, perc. (mar., 4 bng., tubi-di-vtr, tubi-di-bmb, bl-di-l, tmr-mil, 4 ttom, cassa, ttam) p/toy p, vn, vla, vc)}: 15`
2002 "Solo-Momento No.2" for percussion: 5`
2001-2002 Chamber Symphony No.3 (Kammersymphonie Nr.3) for chamber orchestra (fl, ob, cl, t-sax, fg; 2cr; 2prc: 1- vbr, 4ttom, 4bng, w-bl; 2- mar, 4tmpl-bl, tbrin, trg; p; str): 30`
2001 "Solo-Momento No.1" for piano: 2`
2001 "Solo-Solissimo No.2", piano piece for the right hand: 6`
2000 "Vergessener Völker Müdigkeiten... Friedhofstück" ("Forgotten Peoples' Exhaustions… Cemetery piece"; "Znesylljam zlamleni narody …Cvyntarna muzuka") for accordionist [ac/v/prc - 2 bng, (or hengereg, bng), w-bl] and video show (photos of cemeteries from the territories of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire Royal Monarchy by Christoph Lingg): 14`
2000 "Die Tür sperrangelweit auf" ("The Door Opened to the Limit"; "Dveri nastizh") for clarinettist (cl/b-cl/sen-plates/bng), pianist (p/v) and cellist (vc/tbi-di-bmb/tbi-di-vtr/w-bl): 15`
1999 "Solo-Solissimo No.1" for violin: 8`
1999 "Ten Transformations into Nothing" ("Zehn Verwandlungen zu Nichts", "Desjat' peretvoren' u nishcho") for chamber orchestra (cl, b-cl, s-sax, t-sax, tb; mar, 2bng, 3ttom, gr-c; ac; vn, vl, vc), version 2002 (fl, ob, cl, fg; cr; mar, 2bng, 3ttom, gr-c; p; vn, vl, vc): 20`
1999 "Alles, ausser - was noch alles ist..." ("All Except – What Yet Is All…"; "Vse, okrim - shche vs'oho…"), chamber symphony for chamber orchestra (fl, ob, cl, b-cl, fg; 2prc: 1- vbr, 3bng, tbi-di-bmb, trg, 3sen-plates; 2- mar, 4tpl-bl, tbi-di-vtr, w-bl; p; 2vn, vl, vc, cb): 11`
1998 "Im Träumen… und hier unten auf der erde" ("In Dreaming… and Here Below on the Earth"; "U mrijakh… abo tut vnyzu, na zemli") for flute, piano and cello: 14`
1998 "Duel-Duo no.7" for clarinet and piano: 9`
1998 "Wenn die Kette zerrisse, fände sie bestimmt nicht alle Perlen wieder" ("When the Chain Would Break, It Certainly Could Not Find All Pearls Again"; "Jak nytka uvirvet'sja, hodi jij zibraty vsi perly znovu") for tenor saxophone, percussion (vbr, 4ttom, sen-plates), accordion and double bass: 9`
1997 "Drei Stücke" ("Three Pieces", "Try p'jesy") (1. "Das tanzende Herz"; 2. "Fragment"; 3. "Die Uhr") on verses by Rainer Brambach (in German) for bass baritone and piano: 7`
1997 "Out of the Blues" for piano: 7`
1997 "Duel-Duo No.6" for 2 violas: 8`
1997 "Self-Reflection No.2", performance for tape: 5`
1996 "Self-Reflection No.1", performance for piano and tape: 10`
1996 "Princess", performance for flutist (pic/fl/a-fl/b-fl/cb-fl) and string quartet: 30`
1996 "Ausgang" ("Exit", "Vykhid"), cantata on verses by P.Tychyna (in Ukrainian), A.Blok (in Russian), Th.Fontane (in German), G.Apollinaire (in French), E.E.Cummings (in English) for female voice, clarinet, accordion and piano: 14`
1996 "Konzert der Vögel" ("Concert of the Birds"; "Koncert ptakhiv"), opera and music-theatre work, libretto after mystic comedy by Djevad Karahasan (in German), co-production with 5 other composers (parts XI, XII, XIII by Karmella Tsepkolenko) for alto, soprano, bass baritone, flute, clarinet, percussion (4bng, tbi-di-vtr, w-bl, trg, 4tpl-bl) and viola (prod.: Salzburg, Austria, 1997): 25`
1995 "From Corner to Corner" ("Von Ecke zu Ecke"; "Z bezvykhodi u bezvykhid'") for 3 double basses: 12`
1995 "Feeling of Solitude" ("Einsamkeitsgefühl"; "Vidchuttja samotnosti") for oboe (ed.: 1995): 8`
1995 "Paysage Solo" for piano (ed.: 1995): 7`
1995 "Duel-Duo No.5" for violin and accordion (ed.: 1995): 9`
1995 "Duel-Duo No.4" for oboe and piano (ed.: 1995): 7`
1995 "Ca-Ri-N Sounds" for flute (ed.: 1995): 7`
1994 "Zwischen zwei Feuern" ("Between Two Fires"; "Mizh dvokh vohniv"), mini-mono-opera, libretto by Serhij Stupak and Karmella Tsepkolenko (in German) after Hermann Hesse's "Der Steppenwolf" for percussion quartet (1- cnli, 2pti-ssp, w-bl, 2trg; 2– tbi-di-vtr, tbi-di-bmb, 5tpl-bl, mar; 3- 3bng, 3ttom, tbr-mil, vbr; 4- 3cngs, ttam, gr-c), bass clarinet (or tenor saxophone) and female voice (prod.: Odessa, Ukraine, 1995; ed.: 1995): 22`
1994 "Wandering in the Space of Triangle" ("Wanderung im Triangelraum"; "Blukannja u prostori trykutnyka"), performance for marimba, violin, viola and cello, (ed.: 1995): 15`
1994 "Far from the Crowd" ("Aus dem Kreis Heraustretend"; "Vychodjashchij iz kruga") for accordion (ed.: 1995): 7`
1993 "Aum-Quintet" for tenor saxophone, mezzo-soprano (without words), piano, violin and cello (ed.: 1995): 14`
1993 "Duel-Duo No.3" for trumpet and organ (ed.: 1995): 7`
1993 "Duel-Duo No.2" for violin and cello (ed.: 1995): 5`
1993 "Duel-Duo No.1" for trumpet and tuba (ed.: 1995): 3`
1992 "Infinitely Identical Suns" ("Ewige Gleichheit der Sonnen"; "Bezkinechna odnakovist' sonc") for flute, clarinet, percussion (w-bl, 4ttom, 3bng, gng, pto-ssp, mar), piano, violin and cello (ed.: 1995): 13`
1992 "Royal Flush" - "Card Game No.1" ("Royal Flush" - "Kartenspiel Nr.1; "Flesh-rojal'" - "Hra v Karty No.1") for violin, cello and piano (ed.: 1995): 7`
1992 "Children Pieces" for piano: 40`
1992 "The Light, Which is in You is Not Darkness?" ("Ist das in dir seiende Licht keine Finsternis?") (Luke 11:34-36: "Then Whatch Out That the Light in You May Not Be Darkness"; "So Schaue Darauf, Dass Nicht das Licht in Dir Finsternis sei", "Svitlo, shcho v tobi, chy ne je pit'ma?") for organ (ed.: 1995): 9`
1991 "Night Preference" - "Card Game No.3" ("Nacht-räferenz" -"Kartenspiel Nr.3"; "Nichnyj Preferans" -"Hra v karty No.3") for flute (or clarinet), percussion (pto-ssp, 3bng), organ (or piano) and cello (ed.: 1995): 10`
1991 "Black Moon Cycle" ("Schwarzmondzyklus"; "Cykl Chornoho Misjacja"; "Cykl Chornoj Luny") for violin and piano (ed.: 1995): 14`
1991 "Evening Solitaire" - "Card Game No.2" ("Abend-Patience" - "Kartenspiel Nr.2"; "Vechirnij Pas'jans" - "Hra v karty No.2") for piano (ed.: 1995): 9`
1990 "Artistic Games", music material for textbook by O.Perepelytsya, K.Tsepkolenko "Artistic Games" for piano: 35`
1990-1991 "Tonocolori" ("Color Sounds"), piano pieces for children (ed.: 1995): 10`
1990 "Parallels" ("Parallelen", Kammersymphonie Nr.1), chamber symphony No.1 for chamber orchestra (p; str) (ed.: 1995): 23`
1989 "Dorian's Fate" ("Dorians Schicksal", "Dolja Doriana"), chamber opera, libretto by Serhij Stupak (in Ukrainian) after Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Grey", in 2 acts for soprano, countertenor, tenor, baritone, bass and chamber orchestra (fl, ob, cl, fg; 2cr; tpni, w-bl, trg, pti-ssp, tbr-mil, gr-c; cmb, p; 2vn, vl, vc, cb) (prod.: Kiev, 1990): 35`
1988 "Chronicle of One Event" ("Chronik Eines Ereignisses"; "Chronika odnijei podii") for cello and piano: 9`
1988 "Memorial Symphony" ("Gedächtnissymphonie"; "Pomynal'na symfonija") for symphony orchestra (pic, 2fl, 2ob, 2cl, 2fg; 4cr, 2tr, 3tn, tb; tpni, w-bl, tbr-mil, pti, gr-c, vbr; ar; str): 20`
1988 Saxophone Quartet [s-sax, a-sax, t-sax, bar-sax (or b-sax)]: 10`
1987 "Concerto-Drama" ("Konzert-Drama") for piano and large orchestra (pic, 2fl, 2ob, 2cl, 2fg; 4cr, 2tr, 3tn, tb; tpni, w-bl, tbr-mil, pti, gr-c; ar; str): 35`
1987 "Grief about a Skomorokh" ("Trauer um einen Skomorochen"; "Pechal' o skomorokhe"), cantata on verses by Vladimir Razhnikov (in Russian) for mezzo-soprano, flute, oboe, cembalo, violin and cello: 12`
1987 "Landscape with Oboe" ("Landschaft mit Oboe"; "Pejzazh z hobojem") for oboe and piano: 12`
1987 "Vij" ("Viy") (after N.Gogol's tale) for brass quintet (2tr, cr, tn, tb): 8`
1986 Trio for clarinet, bassoon and piano: 7`
1986 "Theatre Sonata" ("Theatersonate"; Teatral'na sonata") for clarinet and piano: 16`
1985 "Meetings with the Memory" ("Begegnungen mit dem Gedächtnis"; "Zustrichi z pam''jattju"), cycle pieces for piano (ed.: 1995): 12`
1984 "Expectation of Changes" ("Erwartung der Veränderungen"; "Ozhidanie peremen"), vocal cycle on verses by Vladimir Razhnikov (in Russian) for mezzo-soprano and piano: 10`
1983 "History of the Flute-Puritan" ("Geschichte einer Flöte-Puritanerin", "Istorija flejty-purytanky") for flute, oboe, cembalo, violin and cello: 16`
1982 "Nine Reflections on Two Worlds" ("Neun Meditationen über zwei Welten"; "Devjat' razmyshlenij o dvukh mirakh") on verses by Vladimir Razhnikov (in Russian) for voice and chamber orchestra (2fl, ob, cl, fg; 2cr; tpni, w-bl, gr-c; p, ar; 3vn, vl, vc, 2cb): 31`
1982 "Glorification of the Four Elements" ("Verherrlichung der Vier Elemente"; "Slavlennja chotyrjoch stykhij") for string quartet (ed.: Kiev, Muzychna Ukrajina, 1989 in: Strunni kvartety ukrajins'kykh kompozytoriv 1): 14`
1981 "Children Pieces" ("Dytjachi p'jesy"; "Detskie p'jesy"): 1. "Offence" - "Obida"; 2. "Skipping-Ropes" - "Skakalki" for 2 pianos: 4`
1981 "Symphonic Diptych" ("Symphonisches Diptychon") for symphony orchestra (pic, 2fl, 2ob, 2cl, 2fg; 4cr, 2tr, 3tn, tb; tpni, tmb-mil, pti, gr-c; ar; str): 8'
1981 "Mechanical Songs" ("Mechanische Lieder"; "Mekhanichni pisni") for 2 pianos (ed.: 1995): 10`
1980 Sonata for piano: 20`
1980 "Divertissement" for violin ensemble (3 parts): 5`
1979 "Symphonic Poem" ("Symphonische Dichtung") for symphony orchestra (pic, 2 fl, 2 ob, 2 cl, 2 fg; 4 cr, 2 tr, 3 tn, tb; tpni, tbr-mil, pti, gr-c; ar; str): 12`
1978 "Bad Weather" ("Unwitter", "Nepogoda"), cycle of romances on verses by A.Nizhegorodtseva (in Russian) (1. "No more quiet..." - "Ne spokojnej stala…"; 2. "And you don't trust my eyes" - "A ty glazam moim ne verish'"; 3. "Song" - "Pesnja"; 4. "He promised and took his words back" - "Obeshchal i bral slova obratno") - for mezzo-soprano and piano (no.1 ed.: Kiev, Muzychna Ukrajina, 1981 in: Tvory molodykh kompozytoriv Ukrainy dlja holosu v suprovodi fortepiano): 10`