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The 11th festival: 22-24 April 2005  REVIEW   PARTICIPANTS   PROGRAMME   PHOTOS 


Festival 2005 is dedicated to the Orange Revolution. It is the Festival of great expectation of decisive changes for Ukraine and Ukrainian music community. However, it doesnt mean that musical ideology of the Festival has changed we continue our own way, but we do hope that democratic changes will give us some additional possibilities for the development of contemporary professional Ukrainian art. All genres are presented including theatre, dance, visual arts, performances, installations; numerous works using live electronics and computers as well as video. The 11th International Festival of Modern Art Two Days and Two Nights of New Music includes works by: Z. Almashi, Ch. Anthin, T. Aue, S. Azarova, O. Carmona, J. Clarke, B. Frolyak, J. Gomelskaya, H. Havrylets, R. Kalimoullin, D. Kitsenko, V. Larchikov, S. Luniov, Z. Martinaityte, Ch. Palestine, V. Poleva, V. Runchak, L. Samodaieva, O. Shchetinsky, A. Schlünz, F. Tamuro, A. Tomlionova, K. Tsepkolenko, L. Yurina, A. Zagaikevitch and others. They are performed by: Duo Cadence, Duo Matthias Arter / Markus Hochuli Meet Sylvia Nopper, the Frescos Contemporary Music Ensemble, Trio Accroche Note, Trio Amaltea, Duo-Duel, the Group Choreography&Dance&Performance, Piano Quartet of Samara Philharmony, Ensemble Senza Sforzando, Percussion Ensemble of Freiburg Music University, Carillon Percussion Ensemble of Odessa State A.V. Nezhdanova Music Academy, M. Falk (guitar), Yu. Konrad (bassoon), O. Perepelytsya junior (piano), R. Prosseda (piano), N. Shirocorad (piano), F. Vanhecke (soprano), S. Voltz (piano), B. Webb (trombone), B. Wulff (conductor), I. Yergiyev (accordion), O. Yergiyeva (violin) and others.