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The 11th festival: 22-24 April 2005  REVIEW   PARTICIPANTS   PROGRAMME   PHOTOS 

 Festival 2005 - PROGRAMME 



16.30 KONZERT-SZENE 1 | Passions 1

Pass I
Julia Gomelskaya The Triumph of the Adrenaline for trombone and percussion
Performed by: Barrie Webb trombone, Johannes Fischer percussion

Pass II
Moritz Eggert Eiserner Vorhang
Oleksandr Kozarenko Alte Würzburger Tänze und die Glocken des Heiligen Kilian for percussion
Performed by: Percussion Ensemble of Freiburg Music University: Johannes Fischer percussion, Johannes Knopf percussion, Max Riefer percussion, Akiko Yamamoto percussion, Bernhard Wulff artistic director
and Carillon Percussion Ensemble of the Odessa State A.V. Nezhdanova Music Academy: Bohdan Maybroda percussion, Ivan Pliaskin percussion, Oleksandr Kostuchenko percussion, Oleksiy Ralo artistic director

17.30 Chamber Ensemble New Music in Ukraine
Henryk Mikołaj Górecki Muzyczka IV (Little Music IV) – Trombone concerto for trombone, clarinet, piano and cello
Zygmunt Krauze Polychromie for clarinet, trombone, piano and cello
Volodymyr Runchak Antisonatas nos 28, 29 and 53 for clarinet and piano
John Cage 4:33 for piano
Zoltan Almashi Sonata
for cello and piano
Witold Lutosławski Sacher-Variationen for cello solo
Kasimierz Serocki Swinging Music for clarinet, trombone, piano and cello
Performed by: Vitalij Voznjak clarinet, Andriy Holovko trombone, Roman Repka piano, Zoltan Almashi cello, Volodymyr Runchak conductor, artistic director

18.30 SOLO-SOLISSIMO I | FranÇoise vanhecke voice, piano, bongo
Joelle Wallach If you can’t you got to for voice | Newlys of Silence from Up into the Silence for voice
Jacqueline Fontyn/Irma Bilbao Ku Soko for voice, piano and bongo
Irma Bilbao Jong Bloed for voice and bongo
Violeta Dinescu Quatrain for voice
Karmella Tsepkolenko Andante misterioso from Tonocolori for piano (the voice part is improvised by the performer)
Irma Bilbao Spirto for voice, bongo, piano and torch (dedicated to K. Tsepkolenko) (world premiere)
Dimitri Terzakis Lieder ohne Worte for voice
Luciano Berio Sequenza for voice

Natalia Marinenko and Oleksiy Nuzhnyj

20.00 Piano Quartet of Samara Philharmony
Bohdan Sehin "* * *" for violin, cello and piano
Dmytro Kytsenko Apparition
Pavel Plaksin Piano Quartet
Performed by: Irina Smolyakova violin, Nikolay Varlamov viola, Elena Trokhina cello, Nikolaj Fefilov piano

21.00 ENTR'ACTE-FANTASY I | Side Effect
Annette Schlünz, Thierry Aué Performance for piano, video, sounds
Performed by: Thierry Aué piano, electronics, Annette Schlünz piano, electronics

21.30 DUEL-DUO I | Duo Violoncellissimo: Olga Veselina and Vadim Larchikov cellos
Ulo Krigul One to two
Svitlana Azarova In the Icy Loneliness (world premiere)
Peter Schuback Speculatio
Vadim LarchikovFueki-Riuko. Haiku (world premiere)
Victoria Poleva Melting Voice (world premiere)
Miklós Maros Duo

22.30 DUEL-DUO II | Barrie Webb trombone, Nika Shirocorad piano
Dieter Acker Sonata for trombone and piano
Stuart Greenbaum In Transit for trombone
Ernst Křenek Five Pieces for trombone and piano

Dražan Kosorič Five movements for accordion
Performed by: Volodymyr Murza accordion

23.30 Accroche Note ensemble
Dominique Lemaître Ptah for bass clarinet
Volodymyr Runchak Someone with me... (Three Commandments of Happiness) for clarinet, cello and piano
Michael Jarrell Aus Bebung for clarinet and cello
Carlos Roqué Alsina Suite for piano
Pascal Dusapin Trio Rombach for clarinet, cello and piano
Performed by: Armand Angster clarinet, Christophe Beau cello, Carine Zarifian piano


| Passions 2
Out of HAVING – to BEING I

Pass I
Alla Zagaykevych The Seasons on Maydan for electronics to texts by Yuriy Andrukhovych (video – Oxana Plysyuk)

Pass II
Kostas Moschos Sweet music (tape music with projection of real time computer generated graphic) | E-motion (based on the author’s new infrared sensors system)
Performed by: Kostas Moschos electronics

Pass III
Christopher Anthin Eclectric Guitar Experience (world premiere)
Performed by: Mårten Falk guitar, Christopher Anthin sound engineer

Pass IV
Oscar Carmona Nebula IX for clarinettist with clarinet in B amplified
Performed by: Ihor Zakharchenko clarinet
Oscar Carmona Cygnus X-1 for piano and tape
Performed by: Oleksandr Perepelytsya junior piano
James Clarke Ritornelli per Odessa for ensemble (world premiere)
Performed by: Ensemble Senza Sforzando: Ihor Zakharchenko clarinet, Bohdan Maybroda percussion, Oleksandr Perepelytsya junior piano, artistic director, Yuriy Vannik guitar, Volodymyr Dobrovol’s’kyj violin, Hanna Vykhrova violin, Yevhen Dovbush cello, Ivan Zavhgorodniy double-bass


| Passions 3

Pass I
DahaBraha – Ethno-chaos Group
Mystery Action PROLOGUE...
Performed by: Olena Cybul’s’ka, Marko Halanevych, Oleksandra Harbuzova, Nina Horenets’ka, Iryna Kovalenko and others
Vladyslav Trojits’kyj artistic director

Pass II
Percussion Ensemble of Freiburg Music University
Giacinto Scelsi I Riti: The Funeral March
Dmitriy Yanov-Yanovskiy Post Scriptum
Kim Ngoc Tage des Südwinds (Days of Southern Wind)
Fumio Tamura Point! Point! Point!
Performed by: Johannes Fischer percussion, Johannes Knopf percussion, Max Riefer percussion, Akiko Yamamoto percussion, Bernhard Wulff artistic director

Pass III
SOLO-SOLISSIMO II | Sarunas Kacionas bassoon
Vadim Larchikov Serenade (world premiere)
Zibuokle Martinaityte Ab Initio for bassoon and tape
Luciano Berio Secuenza

Pass IV
DUEL-DUO III | Duo Les Eclats Du Son : Max Riefer percussion, Sebastian Voltz piano
Bernhard Wulff Lerche
Thomas Lauck Resonanzen II
Younghi Pagh-Paan Die Insel schwimmt

18.00 DUO | Matthias Arter, Markus Hochuli meets Silvia Nopper
Thomas Lauck Balance for oboe, soprano and theorbo
Toshio Hosokawa Kuroda-bushi
Martin Wehrli pieces pour theorbo
Elliott Carter Stück for soprano and oboe
Dieter Schnebel Marsyas for English horn and theorbo
Victoria Poleva Underground birds for soprano, English horn and theorbo
Performed by: Silvia Nopper soprano, Matthias Arter oboe, Markus Hochuli theorbo
19.00 SOLO-SOLISSIMO III | Roberto Prosseda piano
Massimo Lauricella Nuances ( I. :Bleu ciel et lilas: | II. :Violace: | III. ...Rose.... | IV. ...Blanc et noir... | V. ...Jaune et orangé vif... | VI. ...Vermeil... )
Luca Lombardi Albumblätter
Alessandro Solbiati Interludi nos. 1, 12
Aldo Clementi B.A.C.H.
Sergiy Zazhitko More!. ..
Michele dall'Ongaro Autodafe (cinque modi di andare alla forca)
Nicola Sani Concetto Spaziale, attese for amplified piano and tape

20.00 The Frescos Contemporary Music Ensemble
Göran Gamstorp Light pulses for violin, cello and piano
Sergiy Pilyutykov Sonata for bassoon
Mattias Svensson Cousins and Rockets for violin and bassoon
Vlastislav Matoušek Sansara for four instruments
Karmella Tsepkolenko Wandering in the Space of Triangle for piano, violin and two cellos (world premiere of new version)
Performed by: Sergiy Khudjakov bassoon, Jaroslav Revutsky violin, Olena Chumachenko piano, Olga Veselina cello, Vadim Larchikov cello, artistic director

20.30 The Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Vienna
Peter Ablinger Weiss/Weisslich for piano and ensemble
Reinhard Fuchs Miniaturen for flute, bass clarinet and piano
Andreas Weixler Sueck in Quartenhexakkorden piano and flute
Klaus Lang Der Tor, die Koenigin und der silberner for ensemble
Wolfgang Mitterer Uluru2 for clarinet, ensemble and tape
Performed by: Gustavo Balanesco piano, Silvia Gelos flute, Matej Kozub clarinet

21.00 DUEL-DUO IV | Andrea Bini percussion | Francesca Deriu piano
Franco Oppo Sonata B for piano and percussion (dedicated to the festival 2D2N) (world premiere)
Antonio Doro 3 studie da "Erkenntnistone" Omaggio a Franco Oppo for piano and percussions (world premiere)
Yoko Oba Cobweb 2 for piano and percussions (world premiere)
Gabriele Verdinelli Hoche fus (world premiere)

21.30 TOGETHER WITH Ivan Yergiyev
Ludmyla Samodaieva  Pas de trois for tenor saxophone, accordion and piano (world premiere)
|  Idylls for tenor saxophone, violin and accordion (world premiere)
Aliona Tomlionova Deo Volentum 2 for accordion and bassoon (world premiere)
Performed by: Duo Cadence: Ivan Yergiyev accordion, Olena Yergiyeva violin
and Daniel Kientzy saxophone, Yuriy Konrad bassoon, Ludmyla Samodaieva piano

22.00 ENTR’ACTE-FANTASY III | Daniel Kientzy saxophones
Ludmyla Samodaieva Jenghiz Khan for sopran saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone and prepared piano (world premiere)
Performed by: Daniel Kientzy saxophones, Ludmyla Samodaieva prepared piano

22.30 Trio Amaltea
Katrin Frauchiger ...und die Nacht ist paillettenübersät... for soprano, flute and piano (world premiere)
Andreas Brenner figure de rêve for soprano, flute and piano (world premiere)
Franghiz Ali-Zadeh Ask Havasi for flute and prepared piano
Julia Gomelskaya My sister-night for mezzo-soprano alto flute/flute and piano
Performed by: Leila Pfister soprano, Barbara Bossert flute, Eva Schwaar piano

23.30 SOLI-SOLISSIMI with Barrie Webb trombone, Nika Shirocorad piano
James Dillon The Book of Elements Volume I and II for piano solo
Tatsuya Kawasoi Arrow Cycle IVb for trombone
Michael Finnissy Green Meadows (no. 1 from English Country-Tunes) for piano
Takashi Fujii Dancing Bones for trombone


| Passions 4

with the participation of The Group Choreography&Dance&Performance
Young-Hee Lee and Eun-Ju Han choreography and dance
Heng-Ja Jang drawing performance
Eui-Ja Lee director
Ho-Jung Lee founder

Pass I
SOLI-SOLISSIMI | Johannes Fischer percussion
Vinko Globokar Versuch über Erde
Javier Alvarez Temazcal
Michio Kitazumoi Side by Side

Charlemagne Palestine Celiassedo for piano and live electronics (world premiere)
Performed by: Charlemagne Palestine piano

Pass III
Radik Salimov Pianofrenia for dancing piano player and electronics
Performed by: Nail Ibragimov choreography, Natalia Ibragimova piano, dance


Pass IV
Pilar Garène de BosqueTapas barrera for dancing solo percussion player and ensemble
Steve Reich Drumming, Part I
Performed by: Percussion Ensemble of Freiburg Music University: Johannes Fischer percussion, Johannes Knopf percussion, Max Riefer percussion, Akiko Yamamoto percussion, Bernhard Wulff artistic director

03.00 THE END